24-12-2016 christmas eve day

Such roadtripping, much wow!

Today we experienced Prambanan temple, Chicken Church, and a whole lot of Yogyakarta by motorbike! 

We had (real!) pizza at Nanamia Pizzeria, and thereafter went to our first Jogja backpackers, Hati Hati, for some Christmas songs and drinks.


21-12-2016 dieng to jogja

Renting a car from smearing to yogyakarta via dieng plateau was possibly our best idea yet! Although it was possibly a total of 11hours in the car, it was worth it. Dieng Plateau is amazing, with craters and lakes surrounded by green volcanoes! We ate at a street food buffet place, then headed to the heat of yogyakarta. What an awesome place!

MJ, Ricky and I walked to the busy Jalan Malioboro, where we had croissants, beers and a rather sweet pizza.

The chaos that is Jalan Marioboro

02-04/12/2016 weekends are for having fun

Finally off of the island, and ready to see people! 

Saturday was incredibly hot, and I had my first swim of the year in our pool!

(Too lazy to remove the cover)

Saturday afternoon I met up with Courtney and Matthew, and we headed through to Somerset West to help MJ move house. It was minimal effort, but we celebrated it with drinks at Bossa. Thereafter we met up with another friend and her parents for some delicious food and wine in Stellenbosch.
Today was a busy day. Courtney and I planned our packing for our upcoming Indonesia trip (10 days left!!) And did all the necessary shopping. It was exhausting, but worth it.

New shoes! Now I can climb all the volcanoes.

Colourful clothes for colourful Indonesia

Lastly, I had my very first tofu meal today! The verdict is still out there whether I like it or not…

Thai-inspired stir fry with tofu