The good, the bad…and the ugly

Today’s challenge is writing about myself . So here I am:


This is something I am not very comfortable with…It is easy to put words to paper (or in this case, screen) when writing about dreams, activities or adventures, but having to break myself down to what is good, bad and ugly about me is a real test. I saw this topic was coming up today, even though I told myself I won’t look ahead at the next challenge, and spent a great deal thinking about which aspects of myself I would slot into which category.

The Good

How is it that this is the hardest part?

I am intelligent, I am passionate, I am easy-going. I have an above-average athletic ability and can easily run a couple of kilometers without training. I am trusting. I love easily and completely. I am empathetic. I care, sometimes too much, about things that I cannot control.

I have a loving and supportive family, and two sisters who will be my life-long best friends. I have an amazing dog. I may not have many friends, but I have loyal friends.

I have future plans and idealistic dreams. I see the silver linings in the darkest clouds.

The Bad

“Familiarity breeds contempt”

Unfortunately, that statement applies to me. Despite my future plans and my desire to see more of the world and perhaps move somewhere tropical, I am contempt in the safe bubble I have created for myself. This place is home, and I cannot summon the bravado to even consider leaving my family, friends, and the city I have called home my entire life.

Laziness. This is probably my worst attribute. If cleanliness is next to godliness, then I am going straight to the underworld. I am not a dirty person, per se, but I am a messy, cluttered person, and I tend to be too lazy to do anything real about it (it has been on many new years resolutions!).

Another, recently developed, “bad” is my social anxiety, my tendency to cancel on plans, and my fear of committing to plans. This is something I am actively working on, and hoping one day soon it will fall into the “good”!

The Ugly

It would be easy to make a list of all the elements I find ugly on my own body, but I am not going to do that. We deal with enough judgement and criticism every day by just turning on the television, paging through a magazine or comparing ourselves to our gorgeous friends.

My “ugly” would be my attitude towards my mother. We have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, and it is still easy for me to get annoyed and react harshly. It is too easy for me to make a joke about her to my friends, when I know she is only caring. Sure, we are completely different personalities and don’t always see eye-to-eye, but she only means well.


What, why and where

I have not posted a single thing since 29 December 2016, back when I was having the time of my life in Indonesia. I guess it is about time again that I start this! It has genuinely been hard to start up A Single Moment of Happiness again, as the past year has not had many happy moments for me. I’ve been in a bad space, emotionally. Sure, there were amazing highlights – visiting Barcelona, adopting Xena the best dog in the world, getting a new job I am passionate about, moving into my own place. On paper, it sounds great. But in reality, I have crippling loneliness, had my heart broken, saw a psychologist, lost my grandmother. It is easy to pretend on social media how happy we are when in reality, every night we cry.

So, to challenge myself, I am taking up a 30 Day Blog Challenge. This challenge is taken from So many nights, when I am feeling sad and lonely and not even Xena can cheer me up, I feel like I need to be doing something productive. And this blog always crept into my mind.

So: the what, why and where?

What: 30 Day Blog Challenge by @fasyaulia

Why: To challenge myself, to get over my mental hurdles. To do what I love.

Where: Right now, at work in Muizenberg, South Africa

No one might read it, one person might read it. Or I may inspire a bunch of people to start doing something to challenge themselves.

29-12-2016 ubud explorers

Traditionally, going to ubud means going to ubud monkey forest! Weeeell, we didn’t!

Instead we went to beji hidden canyon (which was amazing and involved trekking through three canyons and rice paddies!), had some street food, and headed to ubud street market in a hectic rainstorm! 

Now we’re off to Mama’s warung again for dinner with the germans!

28-12-2016 ubud daze

Exploring Ubud is both frustrating and amazing, all at the same time!

There are tourists everywhere (and traffic!), and the locals are annoying – not like the amazing people we met in the rest of Indonesia. But once we got our scooters and left Nanie House 2, the Telalalang rice terrace was ahead of us and the tourists became less. 

We met up with a guy who introduced himself as Harry Potter, and we joined him at his loewak coffee plantation. The coffee and teas were amazing! Harry recommended a restaurant called Mama’s Warung, so after exploring a bit and seeing a volcano and lake from afar, and a temple from up close, we returned to Mama’s for much needed foods. What an amazing lady!

This was followed by drinks in town with our new German friends – Birgit and Alex, and then back to Nani House 2 for some sleeps!

Coffee and tea tasting at a local coffee plantation


26/27-12-2016 bali to banyuwangi to bali (with some ijen inbetween)

Epic day! We flew to Bali, got a local bus to the east, ferried across to Java, drove to Banyuwangi and arrived at an epic backpackers called Didu’s homestay.

We had a quick nap, before heading out to Ijen crater at 00:30. The hike was strenuous but worth it! Seeing the blue sulfur flames, and watching the sunrise, was just amazing. Thereafter we headed to a close by waterfall, then finally back to Didu’s for breakfast and rest!

Ijen crater with the crew

That was followed by a ferry ride, and the most painful busride to Ubud ever.
And then.

Matthew showed up!
Day made.

25-12-2016 jogja christmas

Perfect Christmas day.

The morning started off with a cup of loewak coffee, a pristine drive to Sodiharjo waterfall, with some laughter and very steep hills along the way.

The waterfall is 75m high, and was a sight to behold!

We then had amazing vegetarian food at Milas Resto, followed by the “blindfold game” where we tested the purity of our hearts. Sadly, my heart is apparently the least pure!

Christmas day ended with gelato, Bintang Radler, and a pool game with MJ against Ricky!