21-12-2016 dieng to jogja

Renting a car from smearing to yogyakarta via dieng plateau was possibly our best idea yet! Although it was possibly a total of 11hours in the car, it was worth it. Dieng Plateau is amazing, with craters and lakes surrounded by green volcanoes! We ate at a street food buffet place, then headed to the heat of yogyakarta. What an awesome place!

MJ, Ricky and I walked to the busy Jalan Malioboro, where we had croissants, beers and a rather sweet pizza.

The chaos that is Jalan Marioboro


20-12-2016 semarang explorers

What a day!

Firstly: sleeping on a train is AWFUL. We got to Semarang at 5:30 (after 9hrs on a train!) and made our way to our accommodation (Omah Pelur guesthouse) where we were lucky enough to check into our rooms. Courtney is sharing with me. The view from here is awesome, teetering over a red-roofed valley.

We had some amazing Nasi Goreng at the guesthouse for, breakfast, then rented some bikes and set about exploring the city! We went right into the rural areas, visited the mall, and rented a car for our activities tomorrow!

View from the guesthouse

18-12-2016 Jakarta day two

Today was more successful and we didn’t get stopped for photos! We went to n street called Jalan Jaksa, and had some amazing Indonesian food there at a place called Memories cafe. They also had amazing fresh pineapple juice! We rode in tuk-tuks, got gelato, walked some more (my feet are all bandaged up) and after all our adventures we had a workout session on the rooftop!

09-12-2016 rain rain don’t go away

Here in Cape Town – and South Africa as a whole – we are facing a drought and water restrictions, with dams in the western cape at only about 50% and the dry summer fast approaching. 

It was a total blessing to wake up, open the curtains and see the rain falling on the pool, grass, garden and deck. Sure, traffic was a nightmare (Capetonians and rain – it’s a horrible combination), but it was such a highlight.
Our rain catcher measured 20 mm!