26-28/11/2016 (sorry I got lazy)

I didn’t not post because I had no great moments. I literally didn’t have the time to write something! Unfortunately I also didn’t take any pictures to commemorate my awesome last three days, so I’ll use what I have at my disposal!
Saturday I joined my friend MJ at his end of year function at Long Ridge wine farm in Stellenbosch. It was a stunner of a day – almost too hot – but the ice cold wine helped with that! After the lunch we fetched his dog, Lucy, and headed to the lookout point at Gordons Bay. Following all that, we were all set to watch Planet Earth, but subsequently fell asleep in front of the TV.

The dress I wore to the function

Sunday started off great. It was another amazing day and MJ and I headed to Strand for a Belgian waffle breakfast! After that we headed out to Cheetah Outreach to go look and learn about the work they do. We then went back to his complex where we enjoyed the pool facilities and the sunshine. Then it was time for him to attend a family member’s birthday, and I tagged along. I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home!
Today I tackled the looooong 9 hour drive from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Tomorrow I’m heading to Bird Island for fieldwork. I made it in one piece, and went for a stroll/jog around the neighbourhood. Now I’m back at the B&B, relaxing under the ceiling fan, and enjoying my king-size bed!

Me and my giant bed


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