31-10-2016 happy Halloween

When I say happy Halloween, I mean I celebrated Halloween by being happy (and not halloweeny at all!).

I sort of had a “forced leave” after I was informed I couldn’t work from home today (my parents are gone and I needed to be at home for the gardener and also Eevee).

My bestest Courtney also took leave today so we were able to have a long overdue bestfriendbondingday with cocktails and nachos and chilli poppers!

I also took Eevee for a run and she thanked me by giving me lots of cuddles.



27-10-2016 homestay

My battered and bruised and tired body stayed at home today to recuperate. 

I was able to sleep in, play with Eevee, do my screentests for my 50|50 presenting applications, make my first ever veggie burger patties, and spend some quality time with my mom and oldest sister Tina-Mari (who coincidentally had her last day of work today!)

24-10-2016 to the island

It’s fieldwork week again, and this time I’m back on Dassen Island. Due to the lack of electricity to charge my phone, I don’t really take photos of my fieldwork, so I don’t have any pretty shots to upload.

On the boat ride over, a pod of dolphins surfed our wake, which was amazing to witness! We also managed to rescue a penguin chick, and I hope he survives until Thursday and I get to take him to SANCCOB rehabilitation center.

(Side bar – I applied for a job with 50/50 to be a tv presenter and I got an email today asking me to submit videos!!)

So no cute penguin or sunset shots, unfortunately!

23-10-2016 second family

I was fortunate enough to grow up with two families. From an early age, my parents befriended a family, the Bezuidenhouds, that lived two streets from us. Their daughter is the same age as my sister, so when we were still in primary school our parents became fast friends.

It was ritual to visit each other every weekend. The kids (there were 6 of us in total) would religiously watch Ten Things I Hate About You every time we were together. We would go away on vacations together. If my parents had to leave, they would take us in. They are my second mom and dad. The children are my siblings.

Fast forward 20 years, and three weddings later, and we are all grown up. Today we all (including the spouses)1 got together for a braai, and it is the first time in ages that all of us were together (except for all the weddings!) As the girl, Anli, pointed out: “it is just like old times, except now we are all drinking wine”.